The importance of a circular economy

A circular economy is based on the closed loop economy with principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials and products in use and regenerating natural systems.
It allows the life cycle of products to be extended by reusing, repairing and recycling existing materials for as long as possible – therefore reducing waste to a minimum. The Reuse of materials stops the use of landfill and allows for resources to be conserved while the quality of the good created remains the same.

Here at Recycling Management we have invested in the top quality machinery which allows us to recover the high quality/ usable metal from the scrap we receive from you. By selling us your scrap you are supporting our local ‘circular economy’, creating local jobs and invest in local business, all while you receive a great price for your scrap metal.

  • Reduce waste
  • Drive greater resource productivity
  • Deliver a more competitive UK economy

The emergence of “The circular economy” fits precisely with our business ethos.

We are strong believers in supplying and supporting the local economy. The regions strength in metal working/manufacturing creates scrap and provides the foundry’s to re-use it.


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Customer Reviews

Recycling Management Ltd

Customer Reviews

Mr Price January 2022

Great service, reliable & friendly. Always on time and pay great rates.

Mr Bradford January 2022

Great company friendly staff

Mr Stewart January 2022

I have working with Recycling Management (RM) for well over a year now and found them to be a excellent company to work with. Although it hasn't happened often, when there has been a mix of communications it has been dealt with urgently and professionally. I have met with the key personnel in RM and visited their site in the Midlands too which was an excellent advert for their business. They also service our northern site in Sheffield and we have had absolutely no issues with any of their vehicles, drivers or service.

First class outfit.

Mr Gandhi January 2022

Hassle free service both with drivers & the office staff

Mr Dorman January 2022


Mrs Vlasceanu January 2022


Mr Kirkby January 2022

The service is very good and the contact is excellent.

Mrs. Wood 14/12/2020

Debbie is an excellent representative, always extremely helpful, responsive to queries and very friendly. She always goes the extra mile to help and works with us to make things as smooth as possible. Couldn't ask for more really!

Mr. Price 14/12/2020

Good and very professional service. Easy to deal With great rates of pay offered, would recommend 100%.

Mr. Aucott 28/12/2020

Hi and a happy new year to you all. My apologies for not filling this out sooner but just been so busy. Can't complain at all about your services, you always try and accommodate our needs as its hard to judge when our bins will be full but you always help us out. And as for your representative Mr Lee Perry, well........ what can one say....... he's salt of the earth and always been upfront with me and he's always been there at the end of the phone with help and advice when needed, even when I've contacted him over the weekend or at alton towers. In a nutshell I'd recommend recycling management to anyone, 10 out of 10 all around. Cheers, Tim Aucott
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